Weil-McLain Efficient Boiler and Water Heater Supplier in Portland, OR

A leading North American brand of hydronic comfort heating systems for residential and commercial buildings, Weil-McLain has been trusted by homeowners, facility managers, and architects since 1881.

Weil-McLain hydronic boilers and efficient water heater installation

The Heating Specialist recommends energy-efficient hydronic boilers and indirect-fired water heaters because they use the latest in advanced controls and materials such as stainless steel and aluminum heat exchanger technologies. We are proud to install and service these high-quality systems that are engineered with aesthetics, functionality, safety, and structural tolerance in mind. Weil-McLain is the largest brand of boilers in North America thanks to the reliability and the energy-efficiency of its products.

Commercial and residential boilers for energy-efficient heating

Weil-McLain manufactures gas and oil-fired boilers that are designed to fit in the smallest of spaces. Whether single-family homes, apartment complexes, or commercial buildings, Weil-McLain products are easy to use and optimize comfort while maximizing energy savings.

Indirect fired water heaters provide savings to homeowners

The efficient, affordable water heaters from Weil-McLain are a great choice for many homes. A furnace or boiler heats liquid that’s circulated through a heat exchanger in a storage tank. The water tank saves energy since it lets the heating element turn on and off less frequently than a traditional water heater. When used with an efficient Weil-McLain boiler, an indirect fired water heater is an incredibly effective way to provide your home with inexpensive hot water.


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