Radiant Floor Heating Installation in Portland, Oregon

Get warmth from the ground up!

If you’re seeking constant, even warmth throughout your home, consider a radiant floor heating system as a comfortable and efficient heating alternative. These systems provide enhanced comfort, economy, and flexibility by circulating warm water in tubing set in the floors. Radiant floor heating is a sound option whether you’re retrofitting an existing home or customizing a new home. Provide your family with cozy, efficient, and even heating during damp winters in the Portland metro area! The Heating Specialist has the expertise to design and install your dream hydronic floor heating system.

Floor heating vs. forced air heating

Forced air systems distribute heat from the ceiling down, which can lead to cold spots and cold feet. Radiant floor solutions tend to be more effective by distributing the heat straight from the surface itself. This method more closely resembles the body’s natural comfort curve. Here, there is no over or under heating as with forced air systems. Consequently, people and pets are more comfortable at lower temperatures, saving energy and money.

Types of radiant floor heating

There are multiple types of radiant floor heating that can be installed, such as electric and air-heated, but at The Heating Specialist, we use the most popular and cost-effective method: hydronic radiant floors. Hydronic systems, which pump heated water from a boiler through tubing, can be controlled with zoning values, pumps, and thermostats to beautifully regulate room temperatures.


What floor coverings work best with floor heating?

All types of floor covers can be installed with a radiant system. Ceramic tile or hardwoods are often used, creating such comfort to a bare foot. Other types of covers, such as vinyl and linoleum, can be used although they may decrease efficiency a bit. Carpeting can be used too, although you’ll want to use a thinner carpet with a heavy padding. No matter how you want your floor to look, our experts will help you figure out the best option to provide optimal comfort!

How is radiant floor heating installed?

How exactly is radiant floor heating installed in a home? There are two ways this is typically done. In one method (often called a “wet” installation), cables or tubing are embedded in a solid floor; generally in a thick concrete slab or a thin layer of concrete and other materials on top of a subfloor. In the other method (often called a “dry” installation), cables or tubing run through an open space beneath the floor.

Both methods have pros and cons. For example, wet installations only work in new builds and due to the concrete required, are fairly energy-intensive. Once installed though, they are very energy efficient. Dry installations require the system to operate at a higher temperature (in order to heat the open space) but are much easier to retrofit in an existing home.

The experts at The Heating Specialist will assess your home and help determine the best method to install. Questions? Contact us!


Benefits of radiant floor heating

  • More efficient than forced-air heating
  • Doesn’t require ductwork
  • Feels like a blanket with consistent comfort
  • Better for those with allergies
  • Hydronic systems can use a variety of energy sources


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