Product Description

Radiant floor heating is a very comfortable way to heat homes efficiently. The Heating Specialist is known for designing and installing radiant heat systems. Whether you are retrofitting an existing home or customizing a new home; we have the the proven expertise to design and install Hydronic Heat systems. Contact us today and our experts will demonstrate why we are the leaders in radiant heating systems and solutions!

The Most Comfortable Heating System on the Planet Is Radiant Floor Heat, which offers increased comfort, economy, and flexibility. Radiant heat systems use warm water circulated through tubing in floors to heat the home. This provides a more constant and even heat than forced air.

These systems are designed to be just below the surface of the finished floor. Electric Radiant Systems are frequently used in very small applications where it may be impractical to use warm water. The best method is to circulate warm water under floor heatthe floor (Hydronic Heat) in a space age material called PEX, which stands for Cross Linked Polyethylene; an extremely tough and durable material. This material is so strong and chemically inert that it may outlast the structure.

Radiant Floor Heating is the best of the best! Walking on a warm floor on a chilly day can make all the difference. You’re never hot, or cold, just warm!

Floor Heating vs. Forced Air Heating

radiant heatFloor heating is much more effective at distributing heat than forced air heating because it delivers heat from the feet up as opposed to the ceiling down with forced air heating. This method very closely approximates the body comfort curve. There is no over and under heating as with forced air systems. People and pets are more comfortable at lower temperatures, using less energy, and hence saving energy and money. Studies show 35-40% less energy used to achieve higher comfort levels than forced air systems.

How Underfloor Heating Works

A good Boiler or Water Heater is the heart of the system, generating warm water which is then distributed to various zones in the home or building with pumps and controlled by a thermostat. Each climatic area can be controlled separately. For example the Master Bedroom Suite might be a separate zone; the general living area another zone; other bedrooms on the same floor another zone; and so on. This provides for the greatest control and comfort. Other Hydronic Heating solutions include a multitude of Radiators and Panels that provide heat from the wall. These systems are also more comfortable than forced air systems.

What Type of Floor Surface Can You Heat?

In floor heat works well with most floor surfaces, whether it is tile, hardwood, carpets, concrete, laminates, etc. This is because we have many application methods.

For ‘slab on grade’ we can install the tubing in the concrete. This is most common for basements, homes utilizing stained concrete floors, garages and shops. For framed floors, methods vary from Gypcrete over the top of the tubing, Warmboard, which is complete sub floor product with a groove for tubing, and other track type products; and the installation of tubing in the joist bays. No matter what your construction type, there is a method to accommodate Radiant Floor Heating.

This kind of flexibility allows for both new construction and remodel situations.