It all started in 1981 when our founder David Brent, a young engineer, returned from a consulting trip to the east coast. Tired of the traveling and being away from his family, he made the decision to open The Heating Specialist to do exactly what he was teaching others to… “build quality heating & cooling systems and treat all customers with respect”. It was such a no brainer idea and yet absent in the minds of most contractors.

The plan was simple: hire good people… not good technicians, because we can train the technical skills, but we can’t make good people. Since that time The Heating Specialist has been hiring ‘good people’, and training, training, training.

Built on our Engineering & Design skills we have been able to tackle projects that others couldn’t, to solve the difficult problems, and to do the routine projects with ease. And in all cases the customer’s input is valued. And because The Heating Specialist takes good care of its people, they are happy to take care of the customer. That is the sustainable formula that continues to allow us to provide great customer satisfaction.
Today, The Heating Specialist provides full service in all the heating, cooling, and hydronic disciplines. We are blessed by our customer base numbers in the tens of thousands, who continue to do business with us.